Battle of Saviors

Legends league on the web is waiting for You. Explore the fantasy world individually or with friends & set BOLD COMPETITIONS.

Earn breathtaking crypto rewards & signature powers to use, exchange, or trade with mates.

Time to Team up & test your skills for mobile and console with revamped controls and streamlined matches!!

NFT marketplace is ready to offer powerful weapons, costumes, and accessories to Hook with enemies.


Synergised Attacks


Unveil the Hidden Mech

Every player has exclusive powers to trigger them to power up your players

Random Combination

Start assembling from the NFT marketplace & Build unique characters with weapons


Every superhero has unique abilities to counterattack and enjoy battlefield victory. You can create & control your superhero’s powers by leveling up or acquiring from the NFT marketplace.

Over 45+ characters with magical abilities can turn the tides into a crazy team fight. Time to enjoy the perfect moment & earn experience. You can destroy opponents' monsters and eradicate their defensive structures.


Unlimited adventures stay on the battlefield. Each time you step in, find unknown challenges, monsters, and more ready to fight.

Take a little luck and high voltage electric powers to build a robust strategy on the battlefield. If you don’t have a strong mech, you may find it difficult to detect the enemy in the dark.

World of Combat

Bold Competition

Real League Champs

Vibrant Universe